w04 Collaborative workflows and APIs

Collaborative workflows


Today we are mostly going to spend class time orienting ourselves within a99 teams and beginning a brainstorming session with your team.

At the beginning of today’s session, I will go over the tools that I want you to use in GitHub to get yourselves into a collaborative workflow habit.

Collaborating with your team - GitHub Docs

GitHub projects

Using project boards for task management - lecoursen (GitHub support community)

About project boards - GitHub Docs

Pull requests

How to create a pull request in GitHub - Kedar Vijay Kulkarni

How to make your first pull request on GitHub - Thanoshan MV

About pull requests - GitHub Docs


If you have not been assigned to a team or your team is not able to contact one of the members thereof, please file an issue on the general-info repo and we will look into it: https://github.com/comp426-2022-spring/general-info/issues

API Overview



  2. Why REST?
  3. Constraints
  4. Resources
  5. Methods



Chapter 5: Representational State Transfer (REST) from Architectural Styles and the Design of Network-based Software Architectures - Roy Fielding

What is REST? - REST API Tutorial

Difference between URL and URI - GeeksforGeeks

Not All Microservices Need to Be REST — 3 Alternatives to the Classic - Fernando Doglio


json url-encoder - Online JSON Tools