w02 HTTP, Scripting, and Testing

Headers, requests, responses, status, and curl


  1. Pearl Hacks
  2. What do headers do?
  3. How can we see them?
    1. curl
    2. Inspector
  4. Requests and responses
  5. What do statuses tell us?



Pearl Hacks

We will have a brief presentation from a member of the planning committee for Pearl Hacks, a beginner-friendly hackathon for women and non-binady students.

Please see the Pearl Hacks site for more information about the program: https://pearlhacks.com/index.html

curl exercises - Julia Evans

curl documentation

Displaying request headers with curl - Baeldung

HTTP status codes - REST API Tutorial

MDN Web Docs

HTTP headers

HTTP response status codes


Scripting and Testing


  1. Thinking: developing v. programming v. coding
  2. Designing tests
  3. npmnpm helper scripts helper scripts
  4. How to know what you are looking for
  5. WTF is the autograder and how does it work?



Optional (but highty encouraged) reading

Conceptual Blockbusting: A Guide to Better Ideas, Fifth Edition - James L. Adams (Basic Books, 2019 [First edition, 1974])

Programming VS Coding VS Development – What’s the Difference? - Kingsley Ubah


npm-test - npm Docs

Node.js Unit Testing: Get Started Quickly With Examples - Testim (This tutorial uses Jest)

Unit Testing of Node.js Application - GeeksforGeeks