w00 Onboarding

Syllabus day


Read the syllabus and learn how you can get a million points!

Using GitHub for class


Web basics

History of the Web - Sir Tim Berners Lee

A Short History of the Web - CERN

GitHub organization for info

You can find general information about the course (in addition to what is provided on this site) here: https://github.com/comp426-2022-spring/general-info

For questions and general troubleshooting/problems/etc. related to this class, create an issue on the general-info repo: https://github.com/comp426-2022-spring/general-info/issues

GitHub issues for help with assignments

Use the issues feature in GitHub to get help with assignments.

Each assignment will have its own template repo. The repo for a00 is here: https://github.com/comp426-2022-spring/a00

To create an issue for a00, go here: https://github.com/comp426-2022-spring/a00/issues

This will help the instructional staff address your issues more efficiently and effectively during office hours.

It will also help triage and sort out issues that multiple students are having.

Please create an issue BEFORE you come to office hours.

Include a description of your issue, error logs, and screenshots to help us better understand what is happening.

Please use issues instead of email for help with assignments. If you email the instructional staff with questions about assignments, you will be directed to create an issue on the appropriate GitHub repo.

GitHub discussions for other stuff

If you do not have something that you think is worthy of an issue, but would like to discuss it with the instructional staff or other students, please use the discussion that has been set up for the general-info repo.

Announcements will also be posted here and be marked as such.