Course structure

Class sessions

We will combine demonstrations and lectures with hand-on work in class. Some class time will be reserved for you to work with your teams.

Remote availability

Class sessions are all going to be available to stream live on Zoom. This is intended to help manage dealing with the uncertainty of conditions this semester.

Session recordings

Sessions will all be recorded and archived in Panopto so that you can access them later.



Resources for conceptual information and technical documentation will all be linked from the session pages on the course site. You are not expected to buy any books or other resources for this course. All assigned resources will be open educational resources or otherwise available online.


All of the software required for this course is freely available for distribution online and open source. You are not expected to purchase licenses for any software required for this course.

Attendance and participation

Attendance in class sessions is expected but does not have to always be in-person. There will be interactive components in the class sessions and you will need to interact with other students. These things can be done remotely in some cases.

We will not be taking attendance but trust that you will make every effort to attend class sessions and engage with the class. It is to your benefit to do so.