Course objectives

Technical skills

Working through this course facliltates students to exercise a range of skils:

  • Design and build RESTful API endpoints for access to a server-side information source (database, third-party API, etc.)
  • Design objects using the JavaScript prototype-based object model
  • Employ functional programming techniques implemented in JavaScript for asynchronous event-handling
  • Use asynchronous techniques to implement client-server interactions with a RESTful API
  • Manipulate the Document Oject Model (DOM) using a variety of techniques for presenting information client-side
  • Construct client-side/browesr-based interactive applications/interfaces
  • Use CSS and HTML for basic aesthetics in interface design

Planning and management skills

In addition to the above, students will be able to:

  • Manage source code using git and GitHub
  • Basic package structure using Node.js
  • Jump-start prototyping with JS libraries like React, Next.js, and Express and CSS frameworks like Bulma and Bootstrap
  • Plan and manage projects while collaborating with a team
  • Ask design questions for basic interaction flows