Honor Code

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has had a student-led honor system for over 100 years. Academic integrity is at the heart of Carolina and we all are responsible for upholding the ideals of honor and integrity. The student-led Honor System is responsible for adjudicating any suspected violations of the Honor Code and all suspected instances of academic dishonesty will be reported to the Honor System. Information, including your responsibilities as a student, is outlined in the Instrument of Student Judicial Governance. Your full participation and observance of the Honor Code are expected.

What does this mean for a programming class where we are encouraging collaboration?

It means that you should do original work in concert with other members of your group. Assign credit appropriately. Help each other learn how to do things.

On individual assignments, you should be writing your own code. But if you need help, then seek it out.

Do not copy + paste code from the Internet.

If you are inspired by open source code, then make a reference to the source in a comment. If you adapt open source code, then adhere to its license and make sure that your work is licensed appropriately.